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The natural power of essential oils for your wellbeing

Lavender or Chamomile?

Lavender or Chamomile

When it comes to well-known, popular natural remedies for supporting sleep, time after time, we hear about the power of Lavender. However, we often also hear about the benefits of Chamomile. We’re sure you’ve heard the recommendation that Chamomile tea before bed will help with a better night’s sleep. So which is right for you, Lavender or Chamomile?

Which one might be more beneficial for you and your sleep routine?  

First, let’s look at why essential oils can help with sleep. When you smell something, the body’s olfactory system sends a signal to your amygdala and limbic system, parts of the brain that are responsible for memory and mood. This explains why aromas can instantly evoke a strong memory or feeling and why smell can play an important part in supporting your sleep routine.

With this in mind, we can use essential oils to relax the body, calm the nervous system, and support the reduction of stress, anxiety, and low mood, all of which impacts sleep.


Lavender Essential Oil – Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender or Chamomile

AromaFloral with a sharp freshness, with an underlying powdery sweetness

Plant part – Stalks and flowers

Colour – Colourless

Fragrance Family: Floral

Perfumery Note: Middle to Top

Lavender is often used for its soothing qualities. Many resources suggest that this calming fragrance quiets the nervous system and encourages relaxation, such as reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

Lavender is often chosen for its floral scent, as many people find it pleasant. Its calming properties can be very beneficial for those looking to drift off to sleep gently. Using Lavender helps the processes that occur as the body naturally transitions into sleep.

This reassuring and gentle approach supports relaxing the mind and the body, promoting a good’s night sleep.

Why should you pick Lavender?

~ You want a good, quality night’s sleep. Perhaps you’re not in familiar surroundings or know you have a big day the next day, and your mind is a little overactive. 

Why not try a massage or bath oil blend using a blending oil and lavender essential oil? You can find suggestions here, or try the Tisserand Aromatherapy Sleep Better Range, a blissful blend of Lavender, Jasmine and Sandalwood.  


Chamomile Roman Essential Oil – Anthemis nobilis 

Lavender or Chamomile

Aroma – Sweet, fruity, and herbaceous

Plant Part – Flowers and stalks

Colour – Colourless

Fragrance Family – Herbal

Perfumery Note – Middle to Top

As one of the oldest recorded medicinal herbs, it is no wonder that for centuries this essential oil has been a staple for aromatherapists and herbalists alike to support various ailments, including calming the nervous system, combating anxiety and aiding with insomnia.

Chamomile is often a love-it-or-hate-it essential oil, as the fragrance can be intense. It may not have as many fans as Lavender based on the smell, but its strong aroma makes this oil feel grounding and calming.

Chamomile’s powerful and reassuring approach supports a deeper sense of calming the mind and the body. This effect hopefully results in reduced anxiety and a less overactive nervous system, which should help your ability to relax and get to sleep.

Why should you pick Chamomile Roman?

~ You are suffering from stress-related sleep issues that have a prolonged or regular impact on your sleep pattern.  

Again, perhaps try a massage or bath oil blend, using a blending oil and Chamomile essential oil. You can find suggestions here. Or try a few drops of Chamomile Roman essential oil in a diffuser in your room before you go to bed.

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